Angel’s Column – July 2012

Watching Federer win Wimbledon and reach number one again gives hope to those who still love the elegance of the one handed backhand and the classic style mixed with athleticism in today’s modern game. His self belief, work ethic, and class on the court where he lets his racket do the talking is a great example for the youth of today. I’m not a fan in the trash talk and jumping with celebrations on every shot that is made. Matches are lost more than they are won. Reasons for that range from
1. lack of tournament play,

2. unfamiliarity of the elements,
3. restrictions to one type of surface,
4. inability to adjust to the crowd or no crowd at all,
5. lack of fitness,
6. pressing to win,
7. inability to use your intelligence
8.glaring weakness in your game.

Federer, Nadal, Djokovic and Murray are always back working on things to take their game to another level. They all have a personal tennis coach. One last thing in my column, It is still amazing the number of FOOT FAULTS I see walking around the club. Especially on Saturday morning. It is against the rules of tennis. Unless you all agree it’s ok. Can you imagine in basketball shooting a free throw in front of the line? Or a baseball pitcher pitching in front of the mound? I don’t think so.

Angel Lopez, Director of Tennis
USPTA Master Professional and
USA High Performance Coach Certified
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